Wine Tasting

A glass of red wine…

After a long day… from extreme activities like parasailing, banana boating, and fruit picking we are on our way to a calm and relaxing place for wine tasting.

According to uncle Wikipedia. Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes fermented without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients.

The wine has been produced for thousands of years. Variants of wine we have Red wine, White wine, Rosé wine, Fruit wines, Mead (honey wine), Starch-based “wine” and wine-based products. Grapes have variants also.

All in silent mode. But one in snoring mode hahaha! I fell asleep also… gaining some more energy. Bit tired but still kicking! I am not complaining! Ready to get drunk? lol!

Another 30 minutes drive from the orchard in Penticton, BC to Mission Hill Family Estate. Mission Hill Winery is a wine grower and producer based in West Kelowna, BC. located atop of the mountain with an overlooking view of Okanagan Valley.


Along the main entrance, you will be welcomed by the beautiful roses.  You will be greeted by a statue that looks like a drunk one. hahaha!

As we enter, you will see the stunning and beautiful vineyard on the hill down to Okanagan Lake. Sorry, we are not allowed to enter the vineyard without the tour guide.

What a breathtaking view! What a brilliant mind of the owner/s they have great ideas to do this wonderful place. Salute! I am amazed.

I am teasing my friends. If I win Lotto I will buy this place! But they asked me if I am playing Lotto and I said no! Then we laugh out loud!

What a peaceful place to relax… hmmm…  as you enter into the courtyard through the archway you will see the fine dining restaurant called The Terrace Restaurant where you can dine in with your special someone. In the restaurant, you will enjoy the scenery of Okanagan Valley.

There is a stage beside the restaurant for performers where they held some performances. Unfortunately, there is no show at that time we visit. Shows will attract more tourists.

One of the main centrepiece and focal point of this place is the bell tower that looks like a lighthouse. With twelve-story and 85-foot high.

So we did roam around the courtyard and took pictures and videos as usual. One of the reasons why we visited this place, of course, the wine. To get drunk? hahaha! Just wine tasting.

We went to the wine tasting bar and shop. Browsing the store which wine we gonna taste. At the wine tasting bar, we met the staff with a big smile greet us hello.

How can I assist you today? We would like to taste some wine, please…

We started with a glass of courtesy White wine. Staff gave us the wine menu and gave us some tips on how we start the tasting. We are allowed five tasting of wines at $10.

From White wine to Rosé to Red Whine. The White wine we tasted was…

  • 2017 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2017 Pinot Gris
  • 2017 Reserve Riesling
  • 2016 Reserve Rosé 
  • 2016 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

That was a very delightful wine tasting! I bought my own wine 2016 Reserve Rosé for me to enjoy more and brought it home.

How was it? How’s your wine tasting? It was tasted good… some bitter, some sweet, some sour and sharp. My muscle loosened up. Am I drunk? Bit tipsy?

My friends bought their own wine too!

Most important reminder: “Don’t drink & Drive” Be a responsible driver always friends.

After wine tasting, we packed up and headed to downtown to have a nice dinner in a Chinese restaurant. That was a bounty dinner! Thanks for the sponsor then we went back to their sweet home.

For more information please visit:

Mission Hill Family Estate


||Website: ||Instagram: @missionhillwinery || Facebook: Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

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