According to our friend Dictionary, Parasailing is a gerund and past participle; glide through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motorboat.

One of my adventure bucket lists is parasailing. I thought no more chance to do it because we don’t have here in Edmonton, Alberta. Since we have the chance in Penticton, BC here we go! I did it! We did it!

I have acrophobia, meaning fear of heights. But, I need to overcome my fear. Parasailing is one of the answers to conquering my fear! Not that high but not low either. A nerve-wracking experience! Another first-time adventure for me!

We hop on to the boat. 🛳 We are all excited! All laughing! 🤣😂 I am a bit scared. 😰 Cold hands. 👋🏼 Shaking. 🙄 This is it! No backing out!

Ate Fe, Siegh, Ate Arlene, Abbie, Richard, Kuya Edwin, Comia, Kathy

The captain instructed us clearly and properly.  His crew helped us put our harness as our boat heading to the middle of Okanagan Lake.

All set-up! Ready to go!

Ate Arlene was the one with me doing it. As we gently ascending, in my mind I am asking myself, am I gonna fall? Is it scary? My harness might be broken? Too many questions!

I can hear my friends cheering for us! Go!🚦Yahoo! 👏🏻 Yippie! 🙌🏼 Taking pictures!📸 Selfie!📷 Video all set!🎥 So I set aside those questions in my mind. I focused myself to enjoy it.

Up in the air! I can feel the breeze… I can see the shimmering blue waters below… I can see Okanagan Valley on top perspective. Amazing! I’m on top of the world!!!

I felt a strong wind. Rope started to roll down. We are descending…  Almost 15 minutes on the air. Oh gosh! It’s done!

Before we step down on the boat platform. The captain will let you feel the water of the lake. You will get a chance to dip your legs into the water. Splash!!! Brrrrr!!! It’s cold!!!

Our captain and his crew enjoy our company. With loud music on the boat, we are all dancing, shouting, singing. Rock N’ Roll! Aye aye captain!

That was so much fun! It was an amazing day… Next activities?

Click the link below:

Okanagan Valley | Banana Boating | Cherry Picking | Ice Cream | Wine Tasting



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