Ice Cream

ice cream
Pistachio ‘n’ Almond

After fruit picking, on our way to West Kelowna, BC we drop by to an ice cream parlour called Tickleberry’s where we enjoy our afternoon dessert.

Tickleberry’s stock with 72 different kinds of ice cream. Wow! I’m drooling!

One of the finest ice cream shop in Okanagan Valley.

With their amazing staff that will help you mix-and-match the flavour of your choice in a cone,  in a wide range of sizes that will allow everyone to get just what they want!

Don’t be in a rush they have table and chair that you can relax while enjoying your ice cream. But if you are in a hurry to hit back on the road, they have containers in various sizes for your ice cream for dripping away!

Yum! @tickleberrys

Can I have Kid’s size, Pistachio ‘n’ Almond with Maple Walnut ice cream in a cone, please… yum!

Kid’s size means two scoops of ice cream with your choice. Huge scoops right? lol!

The staff who assisted me was nice, approachable and with a beautiful smile. Nice service! Here’s my tip $$!

We enjoyed our ice cream outside the shop. Resting a bit with my friends before heading to wine tasting. It was a really good ice cream and a very good experience too!

Have a bite!

If you need more information check them on the ff:


Website: ||Facebook: Tickleberrys ||Instagram:@tickeberrys

Click the link below:

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