Cherry Picking

Rainier Cherries

After parasailing and banana boating, we went to a fruit orchard were they offer fruit picking. We drove 30 minutes up to the mountain to find the farm called Triple I Farm.

Another one that you will enjoy in Okanagan Valley during summer is fruit picking. The one that I enjoyed the most is cherry picking! 🍒 One of my favourite fruit. Another first time! Okanagan Valley is known for vineyards, wineries and fruit orchards.

I was wondering how many types of cherries? Sweet varieties of cherries in the Okanagan Valley, BC like Rainiers, Van cherry, Chelan, Sweetheart, Lapin, Staccato, Skeena, Christalina, and Bing cherries.

We met the caretaker. They gave us instructions on how to pick fruits. Don’t forget your basket or pail! They provided us with a tin pail. It’s up to you how many tin pail you take! 😛  The more the merrier! Cherries!

Bing Cherries
Bing Cherries

As you walk along you will see cherry trees on different varieties, you will see peach trees, apple trees, and so many fruit trees. Refreshing!

Cherry Tree

Anyway… as we go on… we stop by under the Rainier cherry trees. Of course, we are Filipino we love taking pictures and videos lol! 📸

Wow! My first time to see cherry trees with its fruit. I started picking, but it goes to my mouth, not on my pail! hahaha! So sweet! Yum! Burp!!! Excuse me!

Better to try one first before picking and filling your pail to find the tree with the sweetest fruit.

You can climb the trees but watch out you might gonna fall. They provide you with ladders so you can pick on top. Luckily there are no Bees to sting you!

I started filling my pail. I filled half of the pail with Rainier cherries. We move on the other sides… next stop! Bing cherry trees.

Full bucket. Full stomach!

I filled full my pail with Bing Cherries and Rainier cherries on the bottom.

Full bucket, full stomach!

It’s time to pay! Of course, you pay!

A $1.50 per pound on Rainier cherries (yellow). A $1 per pound on Bing cherry (red). Not bad! compare to a $3.50 per pound in a supermarket in Edmonton, AB plus tax!

I paid for only $20!

Unfortunately, peaches and apples are not yet ready for picking. I hope next time 🙂


Apple Trees
Apple Trees

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