Banana Boating

Banana Boat
Banana Boat

After parasailing, we decided to do the Banana boat. 🍌 Not literal banana in the boat! lol!

A Banana boat is an inflatable recreational tube, often yellow banana shaped boat, unpowered, meant to be towed.

Usually, different models accommodate 3 up to 10 riders sitting on the main tube and feet resting on two laterally flanking tubes which stabilize.

Before we hop into Banana boat. Click! Pose! Picture! A typical Filipino who always taking a selfie and posting it on social media.

We met the boat captain. He decides who gonna sit on the end or on the middle or on the front. We are five. Again, we are all first timers! Since I am the adventure seeker the captain put me in front. Oh yeah! ride on! phew! I am nervous again! lol!


Are you ready? Get set! Go!

The boat started. The captain played loud music! Brooom! Our banana boat started to roll… All cheering! Yehey!

Our ride going fast… and fast.. and fast! Cold water splashes on my face, my legs and on my whole body. Brrr! Wind touches on my face! Goosebumps! It is freaking cold!

All were shouting! cheering! laughing! Every time the boat turning, we shout it also if it turns to alert all. Our body balances the banana boat, or else you will fell down on a cold lake.

Banana Boat
After Banana Boat rollover 🙂

Hold tight! hold tight! turning again! and again! The more turn, the more waves created! More bumpy on the water! Rounding and rounding in the middle of the lake.

In split seconds, bloops… laugh out loud! all of us five fell into the water! Our banana boat roll over! Most of us got water into our ears, some of us drink water from the lake! yuck! ew! Of course, we all wear life jacket vest. All swimming, floating and waiting for the banana boat to roll over back into proper position. Wow! That was fun!

We went back on… but I was so tired… not on riding but laughing out loud! It was a fantastic ride! Cool friends to have fun with!

For more information on Parasailing and Banana Boat Riding please visit:


Click the link below:

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