Okanagan Valley Adventure

British Columbia

On June 20, 2018, at 10:00 in the evening while publishing my first blog “Skyline Luge” we are on our road trip to Penticton, BC, and Kelowna, BC. About 11-13 hours drive and it depends on the route you choose and how many stops over from Edmonton, Alberta.

Let me tell you some information about Penticton, BC, and Kelowna BC.

Penticton is located in the south-central region of Canada’s British Columbia. Situated between two lakes – Skaha Lake and Okanagan Lake. Kelowna located on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake, a city in the south of Canada’s British Columbia province.

Okanagan Valley

In both cities, you will enjoy the scenery of the mountains covered with pine trees and orchards. Provincial parks to visit and campsites where you can go camping.  A stretch of sandy beach with glimmery blue water lakes. Local vineyards offer wine tours and tastings. A variety of outdoor activities. And the best thing the cities to offer is the charm and friendliness of the people.

Two cars on the convoy. Six people in the group.  We have Kuya Edwin, Ate Arlene @arleneabb, Comia, Ate Fe, Kathrina @jimenezmk_ and me @Siegh_OnTheRoad. Different views and personality with one goal to experience and enjoy both cities offer. I am so excited!

We arrived at Ate Arlene’s friend’s house in Penticton at about 10 o’clock in the morning the next day July 21, 2018. We met Abbie and Richard the owner of the house where we gonna stay overnight and their family. They greeted us with a beautiful smile 🙂 Don’t forget to say the Tagalog word “kamusta?” means how are you? in English.

Even we are all tired and without sleep from the trip, that beautiful smile gives us energy. Of course with all-time favourite fried rice, sunny side up eggs, sausages and hot coffee/tea for breakfast they prepared! Yum! Delicious! Or am just hungry? lol!

After breakfast, we rested for 30 minutes. We prepared and refreshed ourselves for exciting activities. All in gear!

I wanted to share some 5 ways or activities to enjoy during the summer in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia for 10 hours! Tiring but worth it! 😛

Fasten your seat belt! Let’s the fun begin!

5 Ways to enjoy BC for 10 Hours!

Parasailing | Banana Boating | Cherry Picking | Ice Cream | Wine Tasting


What I have learned on this trip was every time you travel you will meet and know nice people. The best thing to do meeting people. Time management always and enjoy the most!

I would like to end this blog by saying thank you to Abbie @Abbiechard19  and Richard and your family for accommodating us and for your hospitality! You’re amazing and awesome!

Also nice meeting you Comia, Ate Fe and Kathrina @jimenezmk for sharing your time and enjoying our trip. I really appreciate it!

Of course, thank you Ate Arlene @arleneabb and Kuya Edwin for allowing to plan with me this trip. I love the chicharon! I really enjoy your company 😉

Thank you @jimenezmk@bbiechard19, and  @arleneabb for sharing me your videos and photos in order for me to finish my blog.

Thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos! I hope you will enjoy it too 😉


If you want to visit the Okanagan Valley and need more information please visit:

Penticton, BC|| Instagram: @visitpenticton ||  Website: www.visitpenticton.com

Kelowna, BC ||Instagram: @Tourism_Kelowna|| Website: www.tourismkelowna.com


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