Skyline Luge

Luge – Calgary, Alberta

A fun and unique adventure!

What is luge? According to my friend dictionary, luge is a noun. Meaning it is a light toboggan for one or two people, ridden in a sitting or supine position.

It was my first time doing luge. At first, I felt nervous but excited! But, after that first attempt, your adrenaline rush went up high! I felt I wanted to do it again and again and again!  I did it three times anyway lol! It was fun! I was enjoying it!

It was an amazing experience 😉 I will do it again for sure! See you next summer 🙂

I hope you enjoy some of our videos and photos of my friends!

Let’s start the fun first with Ski Lift that brings you up on top of the hill.

With my friends Erwin, Jen @jengretss, Celine @celinecajanding, and baby Maegan.

Actual video from my camera that I edited enjoying Luge!

Shout out to the Luge Calgary staff who instruct you before you ride.
Push forward to Go! Pull backward to Stop!

And the winner is!


If you are visiting Calgary, Alberta does not forget to visit Luge.

For more information visit:


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